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Molly Shannon Is GOD, Better Watch Out!!

Girl Power!! It is a common theme nowadays, many believe it was the Spice Girls who gave it so much popularity. But this is wrong. I mean, yes the Spice Girls used it as their main theme for their *ahem* group, but come on, how many of us really felt uplifted and secure because of the Spice Girls. I mean, think about it ladies, here were five beautiful, sexy, thin ladies, scantily clad, prouncing around and swearing that they believe in pure feminine just doesn't add up, you see. But alas, I fear I have gone astray and I did not mean to offend any possible Spice Girls fans who happen to peruse this sight. This site is dedicated to Saturday Night Live, most definitely the Girls of the show, past and present. Even though it is named for Molly Shannon, it is not solely for Ms. Shannon. Remember as your eye delves on this page,not only to think of Ms. Shannon and all she has done for SNL, but think of every female castmember who has made us laugh till tears poured from our eyes, every woman who galantly held her own amongst the Big Bad Boys of SNL,and that one girl who inspired. Whoever you chose to remember(molly), this page is for you and her.

Look at these fiesty young fillies...aren't they just so scrumptiously cute? Don't they make you want to grab a hold of a clump of their hair and take a big juicy bite of their heads....well no, not really... but you have to admit, they are all pretty,talented, amazingly funny, and all around awesome!! In Italy, men would whistle at them "ciao bella" and chase them down the street grabbing their ass, how I wish I could be that italian man's hand....oh I mean, um...just enjoy the sight!!

Please take the time to read the below quotes, they are from people who I believe to be special and influencial.

"I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end."-Gilda Radner, in her book, It's Always Something.

"People seem to like funny here"-me!(I just had to put my comment below Gilda's, I just had too!)

"So when do I get one of MY famous quotes posted on you page??!! I'll love you for ever, I'll like you for always as long as you living my friend you'll be (no matter how obsessed you may be)!"-Corinne Theile

"Viewers should get the impression that the network had gone home and a bunch of kids had slipped into the studio to put on a show."-Lorne Michaels, on SNL.

"I'm hopeful, loyal.... and on herion!"-Cheri Oteri, she be a goddess of SNL!!

"Speaking of Shelley Long, I just saw a commercial for CNN and she says 'You're watching CNN!' I wanted to say, 'But whose watching you?' "- Lee Lancaster, fellow SNL and Conan Obrien worshipper.

"What?What?What?"-Malaena Taylor, friend and lesbian advisor. Well, what does the A stand for, Malaena?

"It's a knee-foot slapper!" Silvia Schnyder, aka Michelle.

"Isn't comedy your next door neighbor?"-Koiwu Beyan, a friend.

"Microsoft has officially merged with Christmas. So from now on if you wanna celebrate Christmas you must own Windows 95. And if you're a Mac user, you're now Jewish."-Chris Kattan as Bill Gates on SNL(Sent to me by my dear friend, Julia,the Chris Kattan worshipper!

"I'll beat you with a thorny stick!"-Julia, aka Mrs. Kattan.

"If I mean, it doesn't matter for me if its primarily black,if its funny. I wouldn't care if it were black, white, or Chinese, as long as it was funny."-Tracy Morgan, on a Yahoo chat.

"Performing live sex acts intimidates me."-Colin Quinn, on a Yahoo chat.


RED MEATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Errol Davis, when the little green pills finally had kicked in....

Now that you've found God, What'd you think? Comments, questions, cookies below!!

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